Dr. Shafina Thawer, D.C.

I felt it would be most authentic if I wrote this bio in the first person to answer essentially what I believe to be the question of ‘who are you?’

We are quantum beings, so who we really are is possibility; and who I declare myself to be is the possibility of love, light and healing for humanity.

I feel blessed to have grown up within the paradigm of being an eternal soul inhabiting a temporary body in a transient life. We are more than the sum of our parts; we are the spirit that gives life to the whole and it’s parts.

By age 11 I knew I wanted to go into the healing arts, and all I knew was I didn’t want to be a medical doctor.  I had no definitive reason as to why, it was just what I knew in my heart. For the longest time my plan was to be a dentist, then before starting University I decided I wanted to be an Occupational Therapist; and in the second year of that pursuit, Chiropractic came to me.  I remember Dr. John Demartini saying “you don’t choose Chiropractic, Chiropractic chose you” and those words struck my heart strings a note I had never known before.

When the clock struck 12 am in the year 2000, I was amidst a spiritual awakening that I had yet to fully realize.  Freshly traumatized from an “out of the blue” break-up found me scrupulously devouring the pages of Conversations With God Books 1,2,3, Friendship With God and Communion With God.  After that, life was never the same.  Answers to what seemed to be a meaningless life presented themselves to me page after page. My new perspective on life always made me the ‘alien’ in class, still my cohort loved me as I was.

Within me burned this fire just aching to make my life matter and make a difference, but I had lessons to learn that life taught me to become who I am today. And Who I Am today, is a commitment to the growth and ascension of the Whole, by playing my part.

Early in my Gonstead rooted Chiropractic practice, I realized that we are more than just physical beings.  Yes, our physical body and structural/spinal alignment plays a definite and critical role; but we are more than that. The next 15 years of post-graduate study including functional medicine, various chiropractic techniques, Total Body Modification, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, Quantum Reflex Analysis and many more, led to the development of what we now call the Be Well Method™ (BWM).

The BWM is a proprietary system that has emerged as a result of studying an array of energy, structural, functional, chemical (nutritional) and emotional healing methodologies to yield what turns out to be a giant menu from which Universal and Innate Intelligence dictate the “action plan.” The course of action for each client is unique, each visit unravels another path that opens up the gateways to new ways of being, perceiving & experiencing life to yield more happiness, peace, prosperity and joy. 

This commitment to myself, others and the whole of humanity is who I am.

I pray to be of service for the progression of all. We are One.