Be Well Chiropractic

Be Well Chiropractic

At Be Well, the practice of chiropractic is unique.  For almost two decades, we have studied numerous chiropractic techniques from masters and pioneers, and put it all together to give us a system that we know works. In order for a chiropractic adjustment to be effective, it need not require force and manipulation.  At Be Well, our focus is specificity.  We know that when we correct spinal misalignments (subluxations) in the exact location and order that YOU need – we can expect outstanding results. This is our foundational philosophy, and our uncompromising promise.

Spinal Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a phrase we all know and understand well.  Even though we may not comply fully with what we know we should be doing, we understand its importance – and many of the consequences associated with NOT having a healthy mouth, teeth, gums and smile. Thankfully, the art and science of dentistry has evolved to a point where many of our mistakes can be corrected, albeit not fully restored to its original potential.

Similarly, we only have ONE spine.  That spine protects our spinal cord, keeps us erect, enables us to walk and move (some of us more gracefully than others) and is literally the ‘backbone’ of our lives. This being the case, wouldn’t it be most prudent & wise to protect that spine?  Or, better yet – optimize the function and potential of that spine?  Of course it would!

The spine and teeth share one thing in common, they are both prone to cavities. Cavities of the spine are called subluxations.  Subluxations are tiny areas of fixation or misalignment in the spine that cause five primary effects:

  1. Dysfunction of movement (kinesiopathology)
  2. Dysfunction of nerves (neuropathology)
  3. Dysfunction of muscle (myopatholgy)
  4. Dysfunction of soft tissue (histopathology)
  5. Dysfunction and degeneration (pathophysiology)

Inadequate spinal hygiene can cause a list of problems that in essence – is never-ending.  This is because spinal function directly relates to proper central nervous system (CNS) function.  The CNS controls and coordinates ALL body function!  In summary, having a healthy spine is more than just being pain-free, and being able to dance, move & run.  Having a healthy spine directly relates to having a healthy brain!  And who doesn’t want that?

We hope this little ‘lesson’ has been empowering for you.  Never give up, we believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you align yourself with the power that made the body; for that is the power that heals the body.