Quantum Reflex Analysis

I would like to start off this section by first acknowledging Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD who was the Founder and CEO of Premier Research Labs, and Quantum Reflex Analysis.  Dr. Marshall passed away April 9, 2017, and left behind a great legacy sure to continue for generations.  Thank you, Dr. Marshall for all you’ve done for us.

Quantum Reflex Analysis has undoubtedly been one of the most influential technologies I’ve learned in my career. Dr. Marshall, and Dr. Forbes (his wife), helped to illuminate concepts and ideologies we had never been aware of or had seen at that time, or since then.  QRA gives us the power to determine what your body needs nutritionally and ensure that all nutrients and dosages are in perfect harmony.  We utilize what Dr. Marshall used to call “energy eyes” to find interference that otherwise may have remained hidden.  QRA helps us to:

  • Determine if the supplements you are currently taking are really working for you,
  • Investigate the impact of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) on your home & office,
  • Protect your body from the impact of environmental EMF’s on your body (including your car,)
  • See the effect that old scars & traumas are having on your current health,
  • Check to see how your gums & teeth might be playing a critical role in your current overall health,
  • Identify underlying destructive belief systems that might be sabotaging your optimal health.

Dr. Marshall helped us to see beyond the physical body.  He helped us to see that true health really lies in the field – the energetic field of the body.  These ‘energy eyes’  help us see beyond the perception of the physical, and therein lies the key.