"I took a brief sabbatical from BeWellTH due to the biggest methane gas leak in US history *wink* and returned needing desperate care-- I'll be darned if they aren't just the most genuinely gifted healers I've ever met.  I am so passionate about their practice that I am now gainfully employed @ BWTH-- I want to share their practice w/the world~ more to come~
Dr. T's passion is to heal those who find her as their last resort-- she thrives in this element-- and when you need the MOST SENSITIVE, INDIVIDUALIZED CARE, Dr. A's level of service will BLOW YOU AWAY. 

"The BeWell Raindrop is the closest thing to Bliss on Earth.  If you don't see Dr. A for a Raindrop, she tests your body for what it needs that day and my treatment today compelled me to share that it exceeded my wildest expectations.  Thank You Dr. T & A for your genuine desire to heal and support your patients-- we(your patients) are so blessed to have found you both."

"We have been patients of Dr.Thawer for over 8 years and her healing practices are marvelous.  The doctor worked wonders on our beloved Lady J, our pitbull who has been suffering from hip and other joint problems and internal stomach issues, due to a large mass.  After one visit her energy levels have increased so much that she is now able to engage and play and run with her best friend Cinnamon."

"Oh, Be Well, how I love thee!"

"I found Be Well through an acquaintance's referral-- she raved about this practice and I was feeling so horrible that I seeked their help, all the while thinking that 'this won't work for me'.  "
I had elected to have the Sleep Apnea Surgery in October 2013.  Well, 4 months later, I was still not fully recovered and instead had a slew of other problems.  I was exhausted all day long, completely apathetic about everything and feeling the lowest I have ever felt."

"As a mother of two young boys, it pained me to feel this way and not understand why.  Be Well to my rescue.  I began seeing them 2 months ago and I honestly can not believe it!  I have become conditioned to Western medicine who normally treat the symptom when they can't determine the source.

After an incredibly thorough consultation and a review of my bloodwork, it turned out I was severely anemic, maxed adrenal glands, crazy blood sugar levels and vitamin D deficient among other things.  No wonder I was feeling the way I was.  I've never been so happy to receive such horrible news.  The all natural supplements had me rocking and rolling within weeks, but I felt a difference only days after beginning my regimen of supplements.

Mind you, I had developed a nasty nasal infection that even two rounds of antibiotics didn't cure which combined with the Porter Ranch winds made for a tough sinus winter  The supplement they prescribed has been more affective than anything my ENT has done for it and actually recommended additional surgery to determine the problem.

You pay one flat fee and they give you THE WORKS.  They have designed a program where they use all their gifts, combined with a blood sugar reset diet that will honestly have you feeling like a rock star.  It took my 30 days to complete my 14 day sugar reset and I write this review the day after my 'splurge day'-- Yesterday I had a Korean feast with Hite Beer-- a winning combination, but funny enough, I gravitated to the vegetables, stopped eating when I was beginning to feel full, not clean the plate-- it is a Christmas miracle.  This morning when I checked my fasting blood sugar-- it was GREAT-- I was completely shocked, hence my desire to write this review.

Their latest addition to their practice Dr. R has magic fingers, Shay, their energy gal is unbelievable, David, their sports massage & fitness expert is as good as they get.

If you are ready to be embraced by a group of doctors who care as passionately as you do about getting better and living your best life, you have come to the right place.  I now consider their office one of my sanctuaries.  I love going for a correction and consider them a member of my family-- if you have young kids, you've just added new aunties to your family-- Please feel free to message me with any questions-- T."

"Have been a patient for 7 years and highly recommend the doctors and the practice of natural health and well being.  These doctors have kept me going and healthy.  I will not go anywhere else and they take health insurance Blue cross PPO."

"These women are heaven sent! Dr. A and Dr. S have changed my life.
I came in with extreme back pain, a lot of anxiety, confusion about diet. After about 8 weeks of seeing Dr. Shafina, I have healed immensely physically, mentally and spiritually.

Dr. S was pretty much my mentor/chiropractor for 8 weeks and through our work my back pain is 98% gone and I have been able to remove A LOT mental blockage that was stopping me from achieving many things in my life.

I had one amazing session with Dr. A where she gave me the low down on nutrition, diet and recommended Foods/products for me that I now continuously buy and swear by.

I would recommend Be Well to anybody experiencing physical or mental health issues. I can't thank them enough :)"

"I have seen Dr. T for 3 sessions now and so far she is amazing! She is truly holistic and makes sure she gets to know your body to provide you with customized treatment.
So far back pain is better, my skin is clearing and anxiety levels are lower! I'm so happy I have found this her. I will update with a more thorough review after a couple more sessions.

The others covered specific care in greater detail. I will therefore summarize thusly: comprehensive care that is caring, friendly, competent, gentle, passionate, healthy, and relaxed.
There's people who drive in from two hours away to go here. Now that's quite a testimonial to their effectiveness.

So should you go there? Yeah. You can stop looking now. I have been patient for a little over a year now. I have to say Dr Thawer and Dr Agrawal are the best at what they do. They really care about you as a person and go above and beyond to heal you. They have many different modalities to work with to give you the appropriate care you need. Not just you body but your mind and soul as well. I came into there office in a mess, feeling horrible all the time. I really had no hope of feeling any better, but I thought I can't give up! I did TBM to reset my body. At first I thought Ugh this is going to be hard and yes it was a challenge for me. ( No cupcakes…lol) But it was worth it! I have to say it works. I now know what to do to care for my person as a whole. I work a lot of hours and don't take care of myself the way I should. With there help I am happier, healthier and a more centered person. I have even called on the weekend(sunday!) and Dr T has come in for me on her day off!

Seriously you can not find better more caring doctors to take care of you. I don't have to see them as often as I did in the beginning, but I do go in when I need to. And sometimes I just call to say Hi. They will not only be you new favorite Docs, but they will be your friends."

"This Group of Doctors / Healers/ Miracle Workers  gave me a second chance to life.  When I went in 2 years ago to see Dr. Shafina for the first time I was a mess, I had very bad neck and lower back pain and severe headaches. I could NOT function, let alone get out of bed.   They helped me overcome all of these problems and much more.  Now to this day I feel like a BRAND NEW person and I owe it all to them.   They truly care about your well being and the office is super cozy and welcoming.  If I could , I would show up at their doorstep every day just be in the presence of such AMAZING caregivers.  I could go on and on…… but I think you will have to see for yourself."
Very Satisfied Patient,
Jennie F.

"I have been witness of numerous shifts while under the care of Be Well..i have come in whacked out, stressed..back n neck issues, or emotionally heavy and leave feeling like myself ..freeer more centered. I got womb care while pregnant and Dr Shilpa came to my house to give me labor acupuncture..hrs later..( I was at a 9 when I went to the hospital)..no time for drugs..my precious baby girl was born!..If your pregnant or thinking of getting your body ready for it..go to BE WELL..and when u have children..bring them to the most amazing doctors ..The Pediatritions..prescribe drugs..This Wholistic Office do wondrous methods..they have taken 104 temperature in my baby down a couple degrees so my baby was more comfortable within Minutes!!!..I also have seen positive behavior changes after bringing my son..he could be whiny..difficult.. they would reset his sugars and immediately he looked and acted more positive and happy..the spark came back in his eyes. I know my family and I will get the best care around!!!"

"All 3 doctors are amazing "whole body healers". I love their concept using different therapies / ways of healing your body and mind.

Chiropractic, acupuncture, blood-work (if necessary) and NSA + some Young Living Oils helped my body to heal and to improve in a short time.

All 3 doctors are great people with a good / open ear to your physical problems and a good feeling for your body's need. Having an medical problem they always take plenty of time asking many questions in order to investigate on the real core of your problem. I'm always impressed when they are hitting the right aching spot without having received any information from me before and giving me relieve almost instantly. Thank you so much for your great job!

"After being skeptical of non traditional treatment throughout the years, I can honestly say these doctors have changed lives. We continue to take pill after pill to put nothing but bandages on deeper complex issues we may not be aware of. I have witness the transformations of what these doctors can do and the results are utterly amazing!"

"Thank you for all that you do and for making a difference
I've been to many different chiropractors for my back and body issues. Sadly they have only temporarily fixed me and sent me on my way. But the skill and technique Dr. Thawer and Dr. Agrawal have/use is completely mind blowing!!! I've never felt better in my life and I'm truly grateful for having them as my doctors. Definitely recommend anyone to go to them for help and care."

"All three of the doctors are thoroughly knowledgeable in their fields - chiropractic, TBM, acupuncture, NSA, to name but a few. However it is their passion to heal, their intuitive abilities, and their commitment to do whatever it takes to bring their patients into total health that makes them stand out from others doctors and chiropractors with whom I have dealt."

"The added bonus is that they are fun to be around so the ambiance of the office is joyful and relaxing. If you have a sore neck or a serious health crisis, this is the place to be!!"

"The wife has had a few issues with her neck and back, so I needed to find a place that could help to resolve the issue. We met with Dr. Shafina Thawer and she gave an awesome consultation. My wife had some concerns and questions and the doctor explained the full scope of their program.  The beauty of their program is not only resolve the issue, but fix the root cause in a three step process that ranges from physical, emotional, and supplements. She showed us the office and how the other doctors would use their experience to our benefit. We will give this place a try.

You just have to love it when your Doctors  take the time and effort to allow YOU to invite them into your personal space.  No pushing, shoving, assumptions, or demanding manipulations here … just real relationships that assist the whole body healing process.
Just had my first acupuncture session today. Gotta admit I was VERY anxious and apprehensive about things I did not know or understand. No worries!  Everything I wanted to know was provided … along with a VERY cool experience. (That's saying a lot. You should have seen me!)

One of the best side benefits:  I was incredibly more focused during my jiu-jitsu session immediately afterwards tonight.
If you're nervous about trying acupuncture, go see Dr. Shilpa Agrawal!

Oh boy!  Happy camper here. This place earns consistent '5' stars because they really have put together a team of professionals who love what they do and love seeing YOU improve your total health.
After getting all my bones back in their places, I decided to "interview" the resident Massage Therapist, DAVID CANTRELL, by engaging in a lower-body deep muscle massage. Best gift I ever have myself. My right leg has always felt as though a detached part of my body. After one hour of PERFECT muscle work, (Thanks again, so very much!) I am now using all my leg muscles to hold myself  erect. There's a TREMENDOUS difference in how I sit, stand, lay, walk, jump, and run.  David is now a member of my re-construction team. (Welcome aboard!)

Just saying, if you haven't thought about it, were afraid to try it, or thought it was something reserved for those other people, do yourself a favor. Be Well TOTAL Health is exactly that. With extremely affordable with multi-session discounts, it is certain to fit in your wallet.

I began chiropractic care at BE WELL, August 30th, for three VERY unhappy ribs.  I know, they are supposed to be connected in the front and the back; but they had other ideas.  They got my attention because they wouldn't let me breathe!

My ribs are totally, totally well as of September 5th!  That's only seven days!!!  I asked my Brazillian Jui-Jitsue teammates who've had similar injury about their recovery process and every single one said it would most likely take me a month, to a month and a half, to recover.  NO WAY!  

Why such a quick healing?  First of all, instead of a crunch and crack session a couple of times a week, Dr. Thawer was willing to schedule a session with me every day and pinpointed the problem and adjusted my bones correctly … without pain!  No painful procedures.  Just real, authentic adjustment.   By the way, when was the last time you had a set of X-rays taken and you actually were able to see them … WITH discussion about your needs with your doctor, and receive a copy for your own records??? (I mean, you paid for them, right?)   I can hardly wait to discuss my blood panels and adjust any nutritional needs I may have.  

If you've been in pain for a while and thought, "Oh, that's just how it's going to be."  or, have given up on doctors who don't listen to you, merely writing you a prescription … here's letting you know you don't have to live with it.  You really can take hold of your health and BE WELL.  Get your body back.  You actually can thrive, move and feel great!"

"There I was, a desperate one, in great pain and breathing shallow breaths. Needed a doctor … fast. Thanks to Yelp, found this place right around the corner from where I was!  Called up. You open?  YES! You take new clients?  YES!  Can I come now?  YES

Dr. Shafina Thawer:  Super friendly and informative. Caring listening to the "whole story."  Took care to explain things so I can make intelligent decisions now and later.  Acted as my whole health teammate.  When was the last time you experienced that?
Chiropractic isn't just "cracking bones."  They offer chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, blood chemistry nutrition, TBM, QRA, BEST, essential oils and raindrop technique.

Oh yes!  The adjustment?  FANTASTIC!  I can breathe!  Gotta say, that first full breath tasted like honey. No lie. Looking forward to  also integrating services of Dr. Shilpa Agrawal.  

Payment plans and Insurance. Check this place out for WHOLE health!
Dr A and Dr T are miracle healers! They are connected to the divine. I have never experienced anything like them before.  Please, if you are lucky enough to get treated by them, thank the heavens above. What a blessing. And as a healer myself, i am not easy to give out these compliments.  So grateful to both of them." ~ audrey hope

"I have received chiropractic care off and on for at least 20 years for routine adjustments, however, when I was treated at Be Well it was an entirely new experience, an awakening of mind,spirit, and body."

"I had suddenly developed a horrific bout with hives that were debilitating. They were not a common rash but instead covered my entire body along with acute swelling that impaired my vision, my ability to walk, or even feed myself. The medical community allergy tested me for everything under the sun yet the results were always inconclusive. I was treated with high doses of Benedryl and steroids. Which ultimately cause even more problems from all the harmful side affects. Dr. Shafina, Dr. Shilpah, and Dr. Aneeta all used different techniques to rid me of hives all together "Without" any medications!!! I am on the road to total health and a new outlook on life."

"The doctors at this locations truly are in tune with their patient's individual needs and go above and beyond to not only relieve pain and discomfort but to aid your body to function at its optimal level. They provide excellent chiropractic care and use techniques usually only found in an Easter Medicine practice. I can't stop recommending this place to friends and family who have witnessed my own transformation or have been disheartened by the weak healthcare system found at HMO's etc."

"Dr. Anita Rajan did a very thorough assessment of my concerns. After one session I had near total relief of my neck stiffness and foot pain. I will be back to keep my spine well. The office is also beautiful, clean and well laid out. Grateful for this service, Dr. Anita!"

"I knew I couldn't wait any longer to post this review. Everytime I come in for a visit (I always wait too long), I leave feeling amazing. Today, I walked in feeling like an absolute disaster, I was extremely tired, I had no motivation, and I was in pain. After a short visit with DrT, and her magic - I feel energized and ready to move on with my day and my week. I know I have a ways to go, and I need to be more consistent, but if you are at your wits end and need some real help & healing - this is the place to be.

Thank god for yelp I found Dr T. I have felt finally good after 4 years of being sick they are taking care of me and my daughter. Highly highly recommend recommend them and now that i found them I will seek there advice. Thank you Dr T for listening and helping us with our health."

"I've had back problems for 18 years and have been to see several chiropractors, but Dr. Thawer is the first one who made me feel like I will have long lasting results! She looks at her patients not just from a physical point of view, but emotional as well, addressing the whole person rather than just the symptoms. It is not just "crack and go" chiropractic which is awesome for me because I've left some docs with stiffness and soreness which is always unsettling. After a visit to Dr. Thawer I have a feeling of overall wellbeing, in addition to relief from my back issues. She is getting to the root causes of my pain and we are dealing with them so they don't come back!"