About Us

At Be Well Total Health, our mission is rooted in a revolutionary approach to healing that transcends conventional boundaries. With a firm belief in the innate potential of the human body and spirit, we’ve crafted the Be Well Method (BWM), an unparalleled healing system that brings together Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition.

Our Vision

What sets Be Well apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to addressing the five dimensions of being: structural, biochemical, emotional, energetic, and etheric. We recognize that each individual’s well-being is a symphony of these aspects, and to achieve optimal health, all dimensions must be harmonized. Whether you seek relief from chronic discomfort, emotional struggles, or the yearning for holistic wellness, we are dedicated to guiding you towards the best version of yourself.

Our Distinctive Approach

Be Well Total Health isn’t your typical health office—it’s a haven of transformation. As integrative Chiropractors, we venture far beyond surface-level adjustments. We dive deep into the ‘why’—why subluxations occur, why ailments persist, and why well-being isn’t attained. By understanding the underlying contributors—be they lifestyle habits, various stresses, or chronic conditions—we empower you to transcend discomfort and achieve genuine wellness.

Traditional Chiropractic care may treat the symptoms, but often overlooks the underlying triggers. Our approach changes the game entirely. Through BWM, we don’t just correct misalignments; we unearth their origins. The result? Swift, lasting results that surpass the bounds of convention. Bid farewell to endless treatment schedules; embrace empathetic, skillful care that truly transforms.

Experience the Be Well Difference

Our Integrative Chiropractors go beyond adjustments; they’re holistic healers with a vision. By peeling back layers and employing holistic modalities, they achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. No more temporary relief—only lasting vitality. Your journey towards optimal health begins here, where breakthroughs are not only attainable but inevitable.

Join us at Be Well Total Health, where the Be Well Method isn’t just a methodology—it’s a philosophy, a promise, and a pathway to the greatest heights in health. Embrace your unique wellness journey and redefine what’s possible.

Dr. Shafina Thawer, DC, FICPA & Dr. Shilpa Agrawal, DC, MSOM