About Us

Who we are and why we are different.

What makes Be Well different from most other offices, is that we address all three areas of health: structural, biochemical and emotional to yield the best health possible for each individual who walks through the door.  We are confident that through our powerful Mastermind of doctors we can breakthrough any health problem, no matter how big or small!

As an integrative Chiropractor we treat our clients way beyond subluxation. We look deeper to understand why a person gets the subluxation in the first place. We want to not only correct the subluxation but to also correct the contributors. These could be different types of stresses, lifestyle habits or other chronic things. 

Traditionally Chiropractic care treats only the subluxation (misaligned vertebrae), however they don’t factor in why it went out into alignment. Oftentimes when a person sees a traditional Chiropractor, they feel better initially and go back to their daily lives however the chances of that malfunction returning are considerable. This causes a person to need many treatments, because they didn’t remove the underlying causes of the subluxation.

An Integrative Chiropractor goes beyond just making adjustments again and again. Since they look beyond the surface level, and have more training in holistic modalities they usually get results much faster results that last. So goodbye to those intense treatment schedules and say hello to empathetic talented care.

Dr. Shafina Thawer, DC, FICPA & Dr. Shilpa Agrawal, DC, MSOM